Flowers are the most common gift to give on Valentine's Day. There are now different types of online applications, like the Interflora app, which helps you deliver your flowers to your loved one in a presentable and beautiful way.

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Teddy Bear

You can gift teddy bears to your loved ones who like cute things. If your partner loves cats or dogs, you can give them a soft toy so they will have a companion reminding them how much you love them.

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Earrings are another great gift you can give your partner. Just make sure you know which is your partner's favorite color and that it matches one of her outfit.

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Cards are the most convenient way to convey your true feelings and can have a better impact than other gifts on this list if they're handmade by you.

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Shoes are the perfect gift if you want to give your bf. You can't go wrong with the combo of black and white sneakers. Just gift shoes according to what your boyfriend likes to do, like sports, gym, or parties.

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Earphones or headphones are the best gift if your partner loves music, editing, or playing video games. You can also enjoy good audio quality when talking to each other over video or audio calls

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You can gift your partner a beautiful dress according to their favorite brand or color. Another great idea is gifting a matching couple outifts.

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Perfume is another excellent gift as it comes in different fragrances, like for people who like chocolate and some who like the smell of flowers.

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Hand Bag

Although expensive, you can choose a handbag that matches your partner's outfit. Many brands like Michael Kors offer affordable bags and a premium feel.

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Watches can be an excellent gift for your partner as they will remember you whenever they check the time on their watch. Nowadays, Different types of watches with touchscreen messages and call options are also available.

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