KSI, also known as Olajide Olatunji, started as a FIFA YouTuber, then became a boxer, musician, and entrepreneur. He got famous in 2011 for his FIFA game videos and later joined the "Sidemen" group. 

Image: Sam Niel


Mrwhosetheboss, is a popular British YouTuber specializing in technology content. With over 24.05 million subscribers and 4.69 billion views across his two channels, he's widely recognized in the tech community. 

Image: Mrwhosetheboss FB

Dan Rhodes 

Dan Rhodes, the 20-year-old close-up magician from Oldham near Manchester, has become a digital sensation with over 37 million followers on social media. His magical content is widely liked and shared by a dedicated fan base. 

Image: Dan Rhodes YT

Jeremy Lynch

Jeremy's YT channel, which features football tutorials, tricks, and challenges, quickly gained popularity and has over 12 million subscribers as of 2024. 

Image: Jeremy FB

Nigel Ng 

Ng is famous for his comedic alter ego Uncle Roger, a middle-aged Asian uncle who humorously exaggerates a Cantonese accent and embraces various East and Southeast Asian stereotypes. 

Image: Nigel Ng YT


TommyInnit gained fame by featuring on prominent Minecraft servers and collaborating with well-known content creators in the gaming community. 

Image: TommyInnit FB

Colin Furze

Colin Furze, a British YouTuber, stuntman, inventor, and filmmaker from Stamford, Lincolnshire, gained fame after leaving his plumbing career to join the Sky1 program Gadget Geeks. 

Image: Colin Furze YT


DanTDM's YouTube channel, launched in 2012, peaked with 300-400 million monthly views. Renowned for Minecraft gameplay and storytelling, he captivates audiences by voicing characters in his videos. 

Image: Forbes

Woody & Kleiny  

Woody & Kleiny, the British YouTube duo consisting of Paul Wood and Paul Klein, share diverse vlogs on their channel while residing in England, United Kingdom. 

Image: Woody & Kleiny  YT


The Sidemen, a group of seven members, are renowned for their gaming videos, challenges, and pranks on their YouTube channel, boasting over 11 million subscribers. 

Image: Sidemen clothing